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Does the excitement of a new team member fade when you remember that onboarding is time-consuming? How will you make the time to introduce your new employee to the right people, topics, and mission-critical projects? Will your ongoing projects still get the attention they need? Will your new hire have the tools they need to thrive and drive value? 

Don't fall into the Onboarding Time-Trap

Do you invest more time in your employee?

Employee productivity thrives

Ongoing projects suffer


Do you invest more time in mission-critical projects?

Ongoing projects thrive

Employee productivity suffers

We don’t think hardworking managers and directors in Hospital IT should have to choose between investing in projects and investing in people.

Accelerate your onboarding
in 4 easy steps


Step 1.
Register your


Step 2.
Follow the 10-minute
setup plan


Step 3.
Updates will
come to you


Step 4.
Conduct a follow-up

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"20 years as a Healthcare CIO has shown me how poor onboarding—from lack of time—leads to years of sub-optimal team productivity and poor retention. Managers and Directors needed a tool to take their new people from zero to 60 in 3 seconds, like a cheetah, so we built it."
"Because it wasn't part of their university training, too many new healthcare IT professionals arrive without knowing how hospitals work. Speed-Onboard's system of lessons, meetings, and assessments ensures they're ready to contribute value to your facility almost instantly."

Imagine if your next new hire showed up on day one with knowledge of how hospitals worked and the key initiatives going on at
YOUR facility?

With Speed-Onboard, it'll only take 2 weeks.